Significant Investor stream – Subclass 188 visa

To be eligible for this visa you must make a complying investment of at least AUD5 million in any of the following options, in any proportion, and hold that investment continuously for at least four years:

  • Commonwealth, state or territory government bonds
  • Eligible managed funds - that are limited to investing in any or all of the following Australian assets: 
    • infrastructure projects in Australia
    • cash held by Australian deposit-taking institutions
    • bonds issued by the Australian Government or a State or Territory government
    • bonds, equity, hybrids or other corporate debt in Australian companies and trusts listed on any Australian stock exchange
    • bonds or term deposits issued by Australian financial institutions
    • real property in Australia
    • Australian agribusiness
    • annuities issued by an Australian registered life company
    • loans secured by mortgages over the investments listed above
    • derivatives used for portfolio management and non-speculative purposes (which constitute no more than 20 per cent of the total value of the managed fund)
    • other managed funds that invest in the investments listed above
  • Direct investment into private Australian companies - in which you have an ownership interest.  The company must operate a qualifying business.

You must also have a genuine and realistic commitment to:

  • reside in the state or territory whose government agency nominated you
  • continue your business and investment activity in Australia after your complying investment matures
  • live in Australia for at least 160 days over four years while holding your provisional visa.

You, your partner, or you and your partner combined must have net assets of at least AUD5 million that are legally acquired, unencumbered, and available to be used to make the complying investment in Australia.

Australian Visa Options can assist you through the entire process:

Step 1 Investment Advice:  We provide you with direct access to a Financial Adviser that specialises in the Significant Investor Visa advising on complying funds. This also includes translator facilities in Chinese. The adviser will build an investment strategy for the proposed investment, taking into consideration the client’s financial objectives, risk and duration, in accordance with the legal requirement of the SIV complying Investment. The   Financial Adviser will sign the Form 1413 declaration in relation to complying managed funds which is a requirement for the visa application. The Financial Adviser will facilitate the initial investment into Commonwealth/State/Territory government bonds and/or managed funds over the complying period of 4 years with the option to switch between complying investments.

Step 2 Expression of Interest:  We will lodge your Expression of Interest into the Skill Select system of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, nominating the preferred State or Territory in which you wish to reside.

Step 3 State Sponsorship Application:  We will lodge your application with the State or Territory that you want to nominate you for sponsorship.

Step 4 Visa Application Assistance:  After receiving your invitation from DIBP, we will prepare and lodge the  visa application  for yourself and family members (spouse and dependent children)

Step 5 Permanent Residence:  After your initial four visa is near to expire we assist to make application for your and your immediate family’s  permanent visa (fee based). Your AUD 5Million can be withdrawn after the 4 year period with no requirement to keep investing into complying funds once the permanent visa is granted.